Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kelly Ripa boobs

Is there ever a time when a guy doesn't like when a girl talks about her boobs? Yeah, didn't think so. Kelly Ripa rocks the cover of the new Life & Style magazine talking about her bodacious ta-ta's...or lack of them. While she admits she pretty much has no boobs at all, she said she'd never get implants.

I have small boobs. I would never have a boob job. I am too wimpy. Are you kidding? I am such a wimp! When I shop, I basically hold the clothes up, put the hanger over my head and go, 'It kinda looks like it'll fit.' ... I'll take it and have it altered, because I normally have to have the bust taken out of everything. I like to say I'm a 32A long. I've added the long because I've nursed three kids. I would like to have the breasts I had before I nursed three kids. I'm not asking for large breasts, just the ones I used to know.

Like the man once said -- all you need is a handful...

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