Monday, August 24, 2009

Ryan Jenkins suicide

It looks like the hunt for reality TV star Ryan Jenkins is over -- they found him at a ratty-ass motel in Hope, British Columbia, Canada late last night. He was hanging from a belt rack. Yessir, the fella who killed his wife, mutilated her so bad (pulled out all her teeth and cut her fingers off) that she had to be identified by the serial number on her breast implants, stuffed her in a suitcase then tossed her in a dumpster killed himself like the huge f*cking p*ssy he clearly is (well, was.) Kevin Walker, who manages The Thunderbird Motel, said a younger looking blonde in her 20's ended up checking him in and that Ryan didn't look like he does in the pic above at all, but looked really worn out instead. The women paid cash (no money trail, smart bitch) for 3 nights, and when they never checked out, Kevin went into the room and found Ryan just hanging there. He called the Mounties to tell them "there was a body hanging in a room."

I'm not gonna sh*t too much on a guy who's dead considering he was clearly disturbed, but I just feel bad for Jasmine Fiore's family, who can't at least have the satisfaction of knowing that Ryan is behind bars somewhere thinking of what he did while he's getting railed in the bum by some big dude named Guido.

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