Monday, August 24, 2009

Brandi Glanville trashes Eddie Cibrian

You had to know this was coming -- Brandi Glanville is putting her soon-to-be ex-husband Eddie Cibrian on blast after seeing/hearing about Eddie hanging out with LeAnn Rimes on the golf course and a recent Kings of Leon show.

I don't understand. You think you know one thing and you wake up and it's all been a lie. [Our kids] know that daddy is at work all the time. That's what I tell them. When he does come home it is surprising for them and they are very happy. [Eddie's a] compulsive liar, cheater and a home wrecker. And he has been an absentee father.

This broad is almost as big of an attention whore as Kate Gosselin is. Why can't she just go away and shut the hell up? No one cares about what she has to say.

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