Friday, August 28, 2009

Brody Jenner Joe Francis fight!

Brody Jenner and Girls Gone Wild perv (and by perv I mean I'm jealous he gets to see so many boobies) Joe Francis got into a HUGE knockdown dragout at the Guys and Dolls nightclub in West Hollywood late last night after Joe had a little Chris Brown-type run-in with Brody's girlfriend, softcore porn star Jayde Nicole. Joe was hitting on one of Jayde's friends who totally wasn't feeling the guy, and when Jayde went to try and get him to leave her friend alone, Joe threw a drink on Jayde, pulled her hair, punched her to the ground, then started kicking her while she was down.

Security showed up and kicked both Brody and Joe out of the club, and brought Joe out first. Brody flew outside and caught up with Joe and slugged him right in the face and was about to keep going when he was tazered by one of the officers. By the time he got up, Joe was long gone. No arrests were made and no charges were pressed.

Dude, how the f*ck do you taze Brody when Joe is the f*cking douchebag beating the sh*t out of a woman?! Man, people are messed up. I hope while he's filming Girls Gone Wild in the Jungle, some crazy ass tiger bites Joe's balls right off. P*ssy.

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