Monday, August 31, 2009

DJ AM dies

I realize this happened on Friday, but I was at Fenway Park when I found out, plus I didn't have a chance to post anything all weekend, but DJ AM was found dead in New York City in his hotel room on Friday afternoon. No official cause of death has been released, but it looked like he was back on his crack cocaine addiction, which shocked a lot of people. AM was a huge addict back in his 20's, but he'd kicked the habit for over 11 years adn was even filming a series on MTV that helped people kick their addictions. But it's rumored a crack pipe was found in his room and that it's an accidental overdose.

A lot of people started getting worried when they hadn't seen any Tweets from AM for a few days, and they got worried that something was wrong. AM actually sent a few texts out at 1am on Friday morning talking about a gig he had coming up in Vegas, but that's the last anyone heard from him. AM was only 36.

Definitely a shocking and horrible thing to hear, especially since it was literally just over a year since the plane crash that almost killed him before. RIP were the sh*t.

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