Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trina Dolenz talks Tool Academy 2

Remember that hilariously awesome show Tool Academy that aired on VH1 a few months back? Well it's coming back for a second season, and our friends at PopEater sat down with the professional doctor that appears on the show for counseling sessions, Trina Dolenz, to talk a bit about the new season and also touches on Chris Brown and Rihanna.

What's the biggest issue the couples are facing in Season 2? More cheating?
I see it as cheating isn't an issue, it's a symptom. In some ways, yes that symptom is always there. Yes, loads of these guys are cheating, but the underlying issues are feelings of inadequacy, intimacy. The biggest thing is that most people can't do intimacy and that means to a therapist, on one. Cheating is when you split it and you dilute it. It could be with your children, it could be with your mother-in-law, it's often cheating because you can't do the intensity of one-on-one or everything that's bad is highlighted, so you split it up, dilute it and you go off with somebody else 'cause they think you're quite good for the moment. Cheating is a sort of diversion. Yes, that's all in place, but a lot of these in the second series have a lot of other areas that are just as juicy. The other symptoms are just as vibrant.

Any celebrity couple you'd love to have a session with?
Chris and Rihanna, I'd love to counsel obviously. I'd love to understand the relationship of a few top ones, I'm always fascinated by Brad and Angelina Jolie, I'm always fascinated by those two. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. As a therapist, I'd love to understand their fit and how they react because all we see as a viewer are the symptoms. As a therapist, you don't counsel the symptoms, you counsel the root cores. I can't see the root cores cause I don't have enough of the tools. I'd love to be counseling them and see how it all fits together.

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rachel said...

I suspect a season 3 is coming because the casting website says CLASS OF 2010.... so if you want Trina to counsel you through your tough times... you can always apply for the show!