Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chris Brown Rihanna violence

The night before the Grammys wasn't the first time that Chris Brown was violent toward Rihanna. People magazine released info on two other times when Chris was either violent TO her or TOWARD her. The first time was while they were in Europe on vacation. Chris did something that made Rihanna slap him, and like the big tough guy he is, Chris responded by shoving her into a wall. The second time was a few weeks later while they were in Barbados. They got into an argument while they were driving in their car, so Chris parked it and smashed out both the driver and passenger side windows. No one was hurt that time though.

This dude is a f*cking lunatic assh*le who tries to intimidate whatever girl he's dating. Real classy, you d*ckbag. Hope someone puts your head through a side window of your car and teaches you a lesson...maybe then you'll wake the f*ck up, tough guy.

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