Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nick Carter talks Aaron Carter on Dancing with the Stars

Our friends at PopEater had the chance to talk with the Backstreet Boys about their brand their new tour coming up, but they also talked to Nick Carter about what he thought of his younger brother Aaron appearing on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.

I'm excited for him. I think he's going to really do well cause my brother's doing his thing and he's in a great place. If my brother wants me there then I'll be there. At least I'll be in the audience supporting him.

Anyone else feel like the Carter's keep doing whatever it takes to make sure their 15 minutes of fame doesn't run out? Actually, better question -- does anyone really give a crap about the Carter's anymore?


Kiss108girl said...

I DO! I DO! I care about the Carter's!!!! Espically Nick and Aaron.:)

Jadd said...

Hahaha I KNEW you were gonna comment on that! :)

Anonymous said...

Tch. You may not care, but the world doesn't revolve around you sweetheart.
There are thousands of people who still care, me being one of them.