Monday, August 10, 2009

Paula Abdul Dancing with the Stars

It hasn't even been a week since Paula Abdul officially quit American Idol, but she's already being scouted by another hit reality show that wants her as a judge -- Dancing with the Stars. The President of ABC said that they'd love to have Paula on board as a 4th judge for the show.

I think she's a huge talent. There's a sensitivity and an empathy that balances out Idol, and we'd love to get a piece of that. I was a little stunned by the decision, and we would love to have her.

I dunno if I see Paula fitting in with a ballroom dancing reality show -- I see her making sense more on a show like So You Think You Can Dance, which is the kind of dancing that's pretty much up her alley. Definitely interesting news though...we'll keep you posted.


Joy Reed said...

DWTS does not need another judge, I think she should stay with Idol.

cheap said...

Paula Abdul drop the American idol and move on the ugly.