Monday, August 10, 2009

Kate Major talks Jon Gosselin

About a month or so ago, Kate Major was supposed to interview Jon Gosselin for an article in Star magazine. She went out for the assignment, and instead of getting the article, she ended up getting a crush on Jon. She said they had an instant connection and hit it off right away when Jon invited her out to dinner in Manhattan. With the paparazzi and press swarming all over them, she said they decided to get away to Michael Lohan's home in the Hamptons. But right around then after just a couple weeks, Jon gave Kate v2.0 the boot, which is why she pretty much regrets the whole thing.

I wake up some days and I think, 'What was I thinking?' He's a great, great guy. I wish I could think of something wrong with the guy, but there really isn't. He expressed to me how difficult it's been for him with media constantly surrounding him, and after spending a week with him straight I can pretty much see how different it is. Its been really hard. I've pretty much had to go in hiding.

I'm just gonna say it -- I think this lady is kinda full of sh*t. I don't think they had some whirlwind romance. Not with the way Jon talked about Hailey in his In Touch magazine interview last week. Something's fishy.

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