Monday, August 10, 2009

Kara DioGuardi wants Paula Abdul on Idol

The rumor last season when Kara DioGuardi was brought onto American Idol as a fourth judge was that she was going to be replacing Paula Abdul, or act as "insurance" for the show in case Paula decided to leave. There was also a ton of rumors that there was Kara/Paula feud, but none of that is true. Kara actually talked to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show on Friday and talked about how sad she is that Paula's gone.

It's such a loss for the show, such a loss for the contestants. She's definitely the heart of the panel. The kind of heart she treated the contestants with, she treated me with last year. She was so kind to me and made me feel immediately like part of the panel. She's an incredible talent. She is somebody who helped make the show as big as it is. How could you ever replace that? If anything, she was really somebody who helped me because it was awkward at times being the fourth person. Last year, it was tough at times. Being the new kid, you get beat up a bit. I'm hoping this year that people are more accepting.

Idol is seriously going to suck without Paula. Half the reason people tuned in was so they could hear her random ass drunk and drugged up comments. It's just not gonna be the same.

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