Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heidi Montag workout

Heidi Montag has an e-book coming out that spills the beans on how she got in such awesome shape for her Playboy shoot. Not much is known about it, so she sat down to talk about it.

So, what's this workout thing all about, Heidi? "I have my e-book coming out, it's at My main goal was I had that Playboy photo shoot, and I really wanted to get in good shape for it. I wanted to be really strong and athletic and have really powerful, sexy curves and to build that strength and to rebuild my body. So, I got in really great shape with Chad Waterbury and we made this ebook and now the Playboy is out and this is just the beginning of my fitness quest. I just want to keep improving my body and keep improving my sexy curves and just stay in shape and make it a lifestyle. And now I have Miss Universe coming out, I perform there August 23, and that's the biggest televised event in the history of TV. It's bigger than the Super Bowl, bigger than the World Cup -- a billion eyes watch it, so now I'm getting in great shape for Miss Universe. I'm singing and performing."

So what sets your workout routine apart from, say, Kim Kardashian's workout video? "This video builds a powerful athlete and reshapes your body and gives women those sexy curves they desire. It's not just a little workout to lose weight or get skinny, it's to change your life and have more strength and endurance and that really goes into every part of your life."

She's clearly not lacking any self-confidence.

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