Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All Points West 2009

Sup freaks? Apologies for not being around the last few days, but I was actually rockin out with my cheese grater out at All Points West in Jersey City. I'll straight up tell you right now, if you've never gone to it, you're an idiot. It's a RIDICULOUSLY sick time and you'll def have the time of your life. Sure, there's some bands that totally suck ass and have the entire crowd flip them off and boo them offstage (My Bloody Valentine), but at the same time, there's performances there that will make you mess your pants in awesome ways (Jay-Z).

Straight up, I don't remember a lot of this weekend for one reason or another. But I will tell you who kicked ass -- Jay-Z by far put the BEST show on that I've EVER seen. The Black Keys were also pretty sick. Silversun Pickups KILLED IT...they were SO good. Tool put on a good show too. Coldplay was pretty surprising...I wasn't really feeling staying for them, but they definitely turned me around. The Nationals came outta nowhere to put on a sa-weet show. Echo and the Bunnymen kicked some ass, Elbow wasn't too bad, Yeah Yeah Yeahs were good, and that's all I remember for bands. Oh...Vampire Weekend was pretty decent too. And as far as comedians go -- College Humor dudes sucked ass. I mean f*cking SUCKED ASS. Jim Jefferies is one of the funniest dudes alive, and Judah Friedlander is...well...the World Champion.

The weekend was filled with rain (Friday and Sunday), which made the entire park muddy (for all 3 days) and also caused the entire park to smell like total horsesh*t (Jersey smells anyway), but it was the f*cking time of my life and I DEFINITELY recommend you go. So...f*cking do it. Kbye.

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