Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miley Cyrus arrest

Some creepy ass mother f*cker ended up being arrested for getting wayyyyy too close to a Miley Cyrus movie set. And generally it's not bad to get near a movie set, but when you're a 53-year-old dude walking around saying how you and Miley are meant for each other, and the chick is only like 16, yeah...your ass is going to jail. The creep's name is Mark McLeod, and he was arrested outside of the set for The Last Song, after telling fans that he and Miley made eye contact and fell in love. He also told officers that "nobody will ever be able to keep us apart. We're like one. I'll f*cking be with Miley...we're supposed to be together."

Billy Ray should f*ck this dude up.

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