Friday, July 24, 2009

Jude Law smacks woman

Photographer Harsha Gopal is saying that Jude Law smacked the sh*t out of her early yesterday morning when he was leaving a restaurant called the Automat. There were a ton of camera flashes going off and Jude apparently raised his hand to block the flashes and ended up knocking the lady in the face.

He hit me full on the face, it was a real stinger, it was very sore. It was really loud -- there was a massive thud and my face is still stinging today. It was deliberate -- you could see it in his face. Maybe he didn't realize he was hitting a girl, but he could at least apologize.

Jude's rep said that he was only trying to shield the flashes from his face and when he raised his arm, he ended up hitting someone by accident, but apologized for it then left. He calls the pic misleading. Which is totally understandable because if someone had a ton of flashes going off in my face, I'd block my eyes too. Sounds like just an honest mistake...unfortunately the girl is an attention whore who is trying to make it sound like Jude's a douche.

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