Thursday, July 23, 2009

Real World: Cancun Ayiiia cutter

The Real World: Cancun is in full force, and the 5th episode of the season aired last night on MTV. Up until now, it's basically been a boozefest and dramafest, but last night's episode was pretty heavy from what I've heard (gonna watch it on the ole DVR later today.) I guess during the show, info came out about Ayiiia being a cutter/blader. Some of the roomies treated it seriously and others thought that she was just being an attention whore. Straight up, I'd probably lean toward the attention whore, mainly because I haven't been able to stand that broad at all so far this season. Anyway, Ayiiia talked to Access Hollywood about the whole cutting issue, so check out what she had to say.

A year-and-a-half before the show, before I went to Cancun, I was very healthy, I was very level-headed and I was surrounded by people that I love, that support me, so I didn't really have to get an outlet, to kind of let me my stress out. But being in Cancun, and living with seven strangers who you have no idea about, they all grew up in different ways, they all have different morals and different was definitely very difficult. And especially being attacked in certain ways... it brought a lot to me. After that situation, I kind of let it go. I started to deal with my stress in a better way. I started working out more, I started taking jogs on the beach, and I started listening to my iPod when I could. I started to draw and paint and tried to let my stress out in different ways...instead of that. I have received MySpace, Facebook and Twitter messages about people going through the same thing, and they're like, 'I am so glad you brought it out to everyone's attention.' This is something positive that has been brought out, because people sometimes do feel alone and they just need to know that they are not alone. There are so many people dealing with the same thing.

Okay, so I'm not gonna necessarily call her an attention whore, because I've known people that cut and stuff. So I won't go with attention whore -- I'll lean more toward a headcase. On a side note, though -- I've been following a couple of the cast members on Twitter, and they put up comments during the show while it airs on Wednesday nights. So if you wanna follow along to see what they have to see, you can follow Emilee here, and follow Joey here. Other cast members have accounts too, but those seem to give the most feedback during shows. Plus they all send messages to each other anyway, so it's easy to get the other names.

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