Thursday, July 23, 2009

Erin Andrews peephole pics

This story has been floating around for a few days, but I wanted to see if they were gonna come out with any more info about it (or I could get any more dirt on it) before I posted something. Here's the deal -- someone shot video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews completely naked through the peephole of her hotel room. It's now sounding like one of her ESPN colleagues is behind the video, although it's not confirmed. I'm not going to post the pics here, mainly because 1) I know for a fact ESPN is threatening to sue anyone that posts the pics or video, and 2) I may be a wiseass and make a good amount of sexual jokes/references, but even I have lines that I won't cross.

So, if you wanna perv out, you can head hereto see a few pics. And yes, they're censored.

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