Friday, July 24, 2009

Kate Major quits job

We just got word that tabloid reporter Kate Major quither job at Star magazine yesterday, saying that there's a conflict of interest between her reporting duties and her relationship with Jon Gosselin. The official statement is up on Star's website, and Kate is sticking to her guns in saying that she "went to do a story on Jon, and I ended up falling in love." The interesting thing is that Radar Online is reporting that Jon is denying absolutely any romantic relationship with Kate #2, and is apparently pissed off that she's "f*cking me over like this."

Damn man...Jon is pulling in some MAJOR ass. The dude marries a total bitch and knocks her up with 8 babies, gets treated like crap and then gets dumped by her, and now he has hot broads saying that they're in love with him and it may not even be true?! Dude is a LEGEND!

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