Friday, July 24, 2009

Kim Zolciak talks "Real Housewives"

Kim Zolciak is best known as the big-boobed wannabe singer from Real Housewives of Atlanta. With the second season of her Housewives show just around the corner, Kim dishes on the impact the first season had on her life, and what we can expect out of the 2nd season.

On how she was represented in season 1: Every episode it wasn't me. I freaked out. Every episode I was like 'Oh my God, what did I do? What have I done? Oh my God.' It was rough. But I figured in the second season you couldn't make me look any worse, so I might as well do it.

On the controversy surrounding her hair piece and starting her own wig line: I got so much heat for wearing a hair piece, which is comical because all the girls on the show wear one. I took so much I heat, I was like, I'm gonna turn a negative into a positive. I'm gonna go ahead make it work. Actually, it was really difficult for me to talk about that last year. Now in just a year, I'm able to talk about it, explain my situation and why I ended up in that position and why I still do it today ... 'cause I don't really have to. It's turned into a business venture at this point.

Will fellow housewife Nene Leakes be rocking one of your hair pieces anytime soon? I would love to get a hold of her ass. But I don't have time for her.

Nene recently appeared on the Wendy Williams and said, 'People thought that we were best friends, we weren't. We were associates ... I'm not friends with any of the girls on the Housewives show.' That's funny; I don't know how Nene identifies a friend. But I don't just go out with acquaintances. When you hurt me and continuously lie to me, it does damage. Is Nene funny? Absolutely. I just have a different group of friends who I run with and if she cared about my daughters, then she probably wouldn't have behaved in the manner that she did in the past. That's not here nor there. I don't want to waste any kind of energy on her and what's she doing. I want her to be successful and rock on with herself.

On what's she's learned from appearing on 'Real Housewives': I like the show. I've learned more the last six months of my life than in 16 years! I think that at the end of the day, I have no regrets. Has it been difficult? I didn't expect our show to be this big. Nobody did, we didn't know what we were doing. I think we put Housewives on the map. I have no regrets.

On how the show has affected her daughters: I never sat back and thought 'How will my children feel if they saw me being portrayed like that?' I kind of was naive to what they can do in editing and what they can portray. I never looked at it that way ... until I saw the show myself. It's really hard ... They don't understand that. Why would somebody hurt your feelings? Why would my Mommy cry over something? They don't understand it. There's a lot of work that goes into being on a reality show with children.

Who would win in a 'Housewives' fight, New Jersey vs. Atlanta? The girls on my show are crazy! They would kick their ass in a heartbeat. They're like out of control, I don't doubt that. These girls on the show, oh my God! I'd just sit back and watch, probably take pictures.

On what to expect from season 2: A lot of drama. There's some stuff that I face that is incredibly difficult, that I feel very strongly about. Some stuff that I had gone through personally. At the end of the day, if somebody can watch the show and kind of relate to me as a person or somebody can realize being a single mom is ok. Last year was kind of an introduction and this year because we're on a lot longer, people may get to know my real side. The drama is there. It's gonna be there. You put five personalities together that are as strong as ours, you're gonna get a lot of chaos and drama. I think we all go through hard times and at the end of the day, we all come out smelling like a rose per se. Regardless of anything that's gone on, we all end up respecting each other.

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