Thursday, July 30, 2009

LeAnn Rimes Dean Sheremet split

Just a week after Eddie Cibrian's wife Brandi Glanville announced that her and E-Dawg separated, LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet announced that they've split up too. Everyone's quick to blame it on the little affair that her and Eddie are rumored to have had going on for a bit, but LeAnn's friends say that isn't what made them drift apart. They blame it on their busy careers, saying that LeAnn was getting more and more into Hollywood while Dean was still back in Nashville producing records. They just never got to see each other and never took the chances to see each other like they did when they first got married, which is when they were pretty much inseparable.

LeAnn has the total innocent look going for her and she's always seemed to be a pretty decent girl, and I still say that's not necessarily her and Eddie on the surveillance tape because you can't clearly see either of their faces -- but LeAnn also looks like she's a naughty chick, so who knows what the deal is.

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