Monday, July 20, 2009

Jon Gosselin Hailey Glassman update

Everyone (and by everyone, I mean angry pissed off women) has been giving Jon Gosselin sh*t for being seen out with his new girlfriend Hailey Glassman just weeks after his wife Kate filed for divorce. They're blaming him for the divorce in the first place, saying that he was stepping out on Kate with Hailey during their marriage. Well you angry old broads, it turns out you're dead wrong. Jon and Hailey didn't get together until after Kate told Jon that she was filing for divorce. Kate kicked Jon out of the house during the weekend of May 4th, so Jon went and stayed with Hailey's father (the doctor who performed Kate's tummy tuck.) But the relationship between Jon and Hailey didn't start until after Kate filed the papers on June 20.

Jon's even getting sh*t for starting to date Hailey so soon after Kate filed the papers, but really -- if you lived with someone that treated you like sh*t for so long and walked all over you, then they gave you an out, wouldn't you want to go and spend time with someone that doesn't make you feel like a stepped-in piece of dog sh*t?


Anonymous said...

I think that kate is way more preety than that girl and this is what i feel about that scank is that shes a bich and jon helo kate still lovesu and u need to sit down with her and speek and jon i think that u still love her to but u cant see that right now becuse of that girl that your with is sanding in ur way

Anonymous said...

jon u can do way beter and u have hello Kate