Monday, August 17, 2009

Perez Hilton Ashlee Simpson Twitter war

Here's a huge shocker -- Perez Hilton has gone and pissed off another celeb because of what he's written on Twitter and what he's put up on his website. Perez posted a story about Ashlee Simpson being a total bitch to Pete Wentz at one of his events over the weekend and the club Angels and Demons where she was wasted and started belittling him in front of everyone. Of course, Perez didn't just stop there -- he talked sh*t to Ash on Twitter and told her she should go to rehab (in lesser words.) Check out the exchange between the 2 of them. (I'll post Perez's 2 Tweets first since he started it like a little bitch, then Ashlee's will be underneath his.)

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