Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Moon vampires not naked

So in a previous interview, New Moon star Jamie Campbell-Bower decided to toy with his teenage chick fans and tell them a little "surprise" about New Moon -- he said that he and the 2 other actors that make up the Volturi (Michael Sheen and Christopher Heyerdahl) would be straight up naked in a scene, which include a full-body shot. But director Chris Weitz is playing damage control and assuring fans (mainly their parents) that no one is showing skin in the flick.

Dear all, I would like to put everyone's mind at rest and let them know that the Volturi are not naked! Jamie (Campbell-Bower) has what you might call a dry sense of humor and almost managed to convince me - which is why he's such a good actor. Anyway, be assured that, even though we do want the look of the Volturi to be a bit of a surprise, they are always - as in the book! - fully clothed. best, Chris Weitz

Yeah, so telling a bunch of 12-year-old girls that you're gonna get butt ass naked on screen with 2 other naked dudes isn't f*cking creepy or anything.

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