Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit

MJ's mamadukes Katherine is seriously considering filing a wrongful death suit because of the circumstances surrounding Michael's death. It's been rumored that it was coming for a while, but since Dr. Conrad Murray has been investigated more times than my ex-girlfriend got chlamydia, Katherine's really thinking about pulling the trigger on it. And concert promoter AEG may also be in the line of fire too, considering they had a very active role in MJ's life for the last 6 months during rehearsals and promotion for the This Is It tour in London. They also paid for his home and provided Dr. Murray, which makes them look not-so-good.

I say go for it. Rape the absolute hell outta their wallets, K-Jack. (Yes, I just called MJ's mother K-Jack.)

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