Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kate Major trashes Jon Gosselin

Kate Major was interviewed by E! News yesterday and did a little trash talking to Jon Gosselin, telling him to "man up and tell the truth" about their quick relationship together. Check out highlights of the interview below.

Jon's Intentions: "We had plans to travel together, to live together, and to be together. He made his decision in the Hamptons. He wanted to be with me ... He told me he was going to Massachusetts to break up with [Glassman]. I know the truth. He knows the truth. Unfortunately, she did not."

On Glassman: "He tried to two-time both of us. He wasn't honest with Hailey he needs to man up and tell the truth. I'm not going to be the other woman."

Back With Hailey: "In no way did he tell me he was going to go parade with his ex-girlfriend."

Why She Quit Her Job: "I was with the person I was reporting on ... it was a huge conflict of interest. He's the one who actually told me to quit my job."

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Anonymous said...

Jon.. Do it up...