Monday, August 10, 2009

Kate Gosselin on divorce

Kate Gosselin hit up Today earlier this morning to share her side of the story on her divorce with Jon Gosselin. Check out the video of the interview below. Miss Attention Whore managed to get some waterworks going...annoying biatch.


Emily said...

i think everyone should leave jon and kate alone! stop the shows!! i think i speak for a lot of people when i say its annoying when all you ever hear about is jon&kate+8. i'm not trying 2 trash the show or anything because i love the show it's great. but nobody wants to keep watching it if all its gonna be is jon and kate fighting. and when the kids grow up and watch the show they're gonna think it was because of them. its not, but when my parents divorced i thought it was because of me... but seriously the only reason they're still doing the show is because kate likes the attention.

P.S. stop spreading roumors. youre just making it worse for the kids.

Jadd said...

TOTALLY agree with you. I'm ridiculously sick of Jon and Kate...but obviously I gotta write about it for you guys, ya know?