Friday, August 7, 2009

Jenny McCarthy autism

Jenny McCarthy is interviewed in the latest issue of Cookie magazine and talks about her relationship with Jim Carrey, comments Amanda Peet made about mothers who don't vaccinate their children being "parasites", and her autistic son Evan.

On her boyfriend, Jim Carrey: "It's wacky-weird that not only does [Carrey] not want to get married, which I love, but he also doesn't want to have more kids, which I love."

On Amanda Peet, who once used the word "parasites" to describe mothers who don't vaccinate their children: "I think vaccines are one of the greatest things ever invented. I used to be [Peet] before I had a kid with autism. We (Generation Rescue, an advocacy and research organization of which Jenny and Jim are board members) are pro–safe vaccine. Vaccines are just not one size fits all. If you gave everyone in the world penicillin, there would be some adverse effects for some people, and possibly deaths."

On her worst moments with Evan's seizures and autism: "I ran out of my house and into my driveway and screamed at the top of my lungs to God to just take him away, because I loved him so much and he was in so much pain."

On the sacrifices she doesn't make for motherhood: "Date night. Even if you're like, 'No one can handle my kid' -bullsh*t! You find someone."

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