Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter

We're getting word that Michael Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, will be charged with manslaughter sometime within the next 2 weeks, and he could be arrested as soon as Wednesday. Investigators are planning on working with one more search warrant to check out a pharmacy in L.A. next week, so it's believed the arrest will happen the week after. On top of that, MJ's dermatologist (who's also the biological father of his 2 older children, Paris and Prince I) Dr. Arnold Klein, looks to be on the chopping block and will be arrested soon for medical malpractice.

Good. Just arrest these f*ckers and get this sh*t over with. I'm BEYOND sick of hearing about disrespect to MJ, but if this media coverage doesn't end soon, I'm gonna bitch slap the Man in the Mirror (I realize that means myself, but just roll with it).

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