Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mira Sorvino gives birth

Mira Sorvino gave birth to what she calls a "miracle baby" after getting hit with pretty much every obstacle possible. Mira goes through all of the issues she had while she was carrying her newest son, Holden Paul Terry Backus.

I developed a blood clot (DVT) due to all the inactivity and had to be anti-coagulated for months to prevent a pulmonary embolism. I spent another two-and-a-half weeks at the hospital, during which time, missing the children and my husband and knowing what the separation was doing to the kids became almost unbearable. Prior to this nine-week hospital stay, I had only ever spent one night away from Johnny and Mattea. The baby was very big and he came a couple of weeks early so it took longer than we thought. During the day we had some scary difficulties with the epidural as I achieved almost no progress with the labor and then at night the placenta created problems again. Although it was not blocking the baby's path as it had done for almost the entire pregnancy, it started causing me a substantial loss of blood. Just as we began begging for a C-section, the situation turned around and the end of the birth was very easy.

Guarantee you Mira smacks that kid around when he's older for causing her so much grief. Little bastard. Just kidding...glad everything turned out well. Congrats!

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Her loser husband is one lucky SOB!