Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo breakup news

There are a couple rumors floating around about why Tony Romo gave Jessica Simpson the boot, and surprisingly, not one relates to her ugly ass mommy jeans that she rocked. One rumor says that Tony wanted to dump Jess for a while because he was just straight up bored with her and was waiting for a better reason to dump her other than "yeah you make me wanna go na-nights." He got his opening when Papa Joe finally pissed Tony off for the last time. Joe was uber involved in their relationship the entire time, even starting to get Tony football advice at one point.

The other rumor is that Tony dropped Jess because he ended up finding text messages for John Mayer on her phone. The story goes that they had been apart for a bit and Tony was actually excited to see her, and while they were hanging out and "making up for lost time," he picked up her phone and she started tweaking about it. That's when Tony found the texts from John, dumped her on the spot, and walked right out on her.

Jess seemed WAY too into Tony to be sending not-cool texts back and forth with John, plus John doesn't seem like the homewrecker type, so I'm leaning toward rumor #1. Which rumor do you guys believe?

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