Friday, July 17, 2009

Oprah Mediterranean cruise

Oprah may never be generous with her staff again. The Big O decided to fly out all of her staff (and their guests) to Barcelona, Spain so that all of them could enjoy a cruise around the Mediterranean for a week. It turned out to be one of the worst ideas ever, and I can't imagine Oprah isn't ripsh*t right now. During the week-long ship stay, two of Oprah's staffers were caught having sex on the deck, one guy got so wasted that he missed the ship leaving the port in Athens and had to catch up with everyone at the next port, and one dude was found passed out next to the ship's nightclub...BUTT ASS NAKED. On top of that, Oprah's longtime boyfriend Stedman was nowhere to be found, but her BFF Gayle King was attached at her hip.

How much you wanna bet the two people caught having sex on the main deck were Oprah and Gayle? Come KNOW they hook up -- we've even reported about it!

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