Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Jackson book

A Michael Jackson biography hit stores yesterday from author/journalist Ian Halperin, just 2 1/2 weeks after his death. The book was actually already due to come out before MJ died, and hits on a bunch of topics, including rumors of Scientology, homosexuality, and more. Ian sat down for an interview and spilled the beans about the book.

On his purpose for the book: "I set out to nail him. I was disgusted when he was acquitted by the jury in 2005. I thought the L.A. judicial system had goofed again, that we had another O.J. Simpson case on our hands -- another criminal walking free. I was determined to nail him, and I have a history of doing that, a history of investigative journalism. My mission was to dig up the facts and prove to the world he was a child molester. Thousands of interviews and years of research later, today I conclude unwaveringly that he was not a child molester."

On MJ being gay: "Well, a lot of people have stepped forward. I had about eight serious cases of people, including one notorious gay porn actor in L.A., but they were not able to provide corroboration, so I couldn't include them in the book. You have to understand, anyone that Michael came into contact with, he forced them to sign confidentiality agreements. I do believe strongly that one of the [alleged lovers] will eventually come forward. I say in the book that one of the ways he was able to meet his lovers was by dressing up as a woman. Some of the media have been skeptical about that, but I can prove it without a shadow of a doubt. I have photos of him dressing up as a woman, and I'll include them in my film when it comes out next year."

On Scientology playing a role in MJ's marriage to Lisa Marie Presley: "The media hasn't picked up on that. I think when people read the book to see the role of the church, they're gonna be shocked. Because Michael's marriage to Lisa Marie was strongly influenced by the Church of Scientology. These were the days before Tom Cruise. They wanted to make Michael Jackson the de facto leader of the church, the figurehead; and it didn't work out. It is a powerful part of the book."

Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson is in stores now. Well, it's actually probably already sold out in stores near you, but it's out there anyway.

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