Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paris Hilton jewelry

While most Americans were chowing down on burgers and dogs and getting wasted during the Fourth of July weekend, Paris Hilton decided to leave the country all together and continue her Middle East tour (she had been in Dubai for over a week). She ended up hanging (and staying) with jeweler Pascal Mouawad in Lebanon in his family's huge ass hotel (Royal Suite of the Grand Hills Hotel & Spa). On top of that, Pascal gave Paris some serious ice -- a diamond necklace that checks in at over $500,000 (which she's wearing in the pic above.) He said that Paris is "very sophisticated and a true fashionista" and that he loves seeing her decked in diamonds.

I wonder if she wore that huge ass diamond while Pascal was railing her. Because seriously, you know that Paris can't keep her legs closed, especially when a $500k piece of ice is involved.

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