Thursday, July 9, 2009

Liz Taylor helped MJ's drug use?

Tons of celebs have come out and either given their condolences or shared their memories with Michael Jackson, but one person who was super close to MJ hasn't said a word -- Elizabeth Taylor. She's said that she's too broken up to give a statement and she was too devastated to attend the MJ Memorial on Tuesday, but I'm thinking it's something else -- me thinks it's total guilt. Back in the day, Liz got hooked on prescription drugs and was really f*cked up for a while after popping nonstop meds like Dilaudid (mega strong opiate known as "the Bentley of cocaine") and Ativan (super strong tranquilzer). While Liz was popping pills, she introduced MJ to the same doc who was providing her all the meds -- Dr. Arnold Klein.

Just note the post I threw up a few before this one, where Doc Klein totally avoids the question "Did you give the meds to MJ" and points the finger at everyone else. I'm thinking Liz KNOWS that Doc Klein gave MJ the stuff that killed him, and she feels guilty for even introducing them in the first place. That's why she's been so quiet about it all.

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