Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ed McMahon Johnny Carson secret

Ed McMahon brought a secret with him to the grave...or at least he thought he did. For years, he was the sidekick of funnyman Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, and obviously they had such awesome chemistry that people assumed they were really tight backstage. In fact, Ed talked about Johnny being like "a brother to me" when Johnny died back in 2005. Truth was -- they hardly ever talked off-set, and apparently it crushed Ed that they weren't closer. Sources say they just had very different personalities, with Ed being loud and boisterous and Johnny actually being kinda shy. Actually, a Carson family insider said that Johnny told one of his sons that he couldn't "stand to be around the guy. He gets on my nerves."

Poor Ed. He always came across as a really nice guy, too. If Johnny was just shy, that's one thing -- but to totally shaft a guy that helped make you so popular? What a douche.

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