Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jennifer Aniston love triangle

So yesterday against my better judgment, I threw up a story from the National Enquirer saying that Jennifer Aniston creeped Bradley Cooper way the f*ck out with talks of babies and marriage within a year. I had a pretty good feeling it wasn't true, but hey, controversy = ratings, right? Anyway, Life & Style magazine is reporting a totally different scenario of what's going on, and I believe this one a lot more. Jen and Bradley are apparently still dating, but there's a little obstacle -- Jen is also flirting hardcore with Gerard Butler on the set of their new flick Bounty Hunter. She feels a good connectiona nd attraction with both fellas, but she's not rushing to make any decisions because she's in no rush to head down the aisle.

I find it hilarious that stories about Jen go from one extreme to the other -- she either demands marriage and kids within a year, or she has no interest in getting married and wants to play the field. Me thinks she's saying to herself, "Self, you tried the whole sleeping with one penis for the rest of your life. Let's have some fun now."

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