Friday, July 10, 2009

David Beckham talks Tom Cruise

David Beckham and Tom Cruise have been BFF for a few years now, but it's been pretty underwraps exactly how big of an influence (or control) that Tom has over David, until now. A brand new book about the Beckhams that's coming out (The Beckham Experiment) focuses on Tom for an entire chapter. In the chapter, David admits that when he first met Tom, he turned to his wife Victoria and told them that the name "Cruise" was a good one, but they could change the spelling for the name of their first-born (which they did.) David also said that Tom played a huge influence on him signing with the LA Galaxy, introduced him to other A-listers (like Will Smith), and taught him about Scientology.

It's something I respect, because Tom's explained to me and Victoria what it's all about. But he's never turned around and said, 'That is what you should be doing,' because he would never do that. He and Katie have their beliefs ... but me and Victoria have also got our own.

I guess everyone needs a bat sh*t crazy friend, and Tom is that bat sh*t crazy friend for David. Match made in a f*cked up Heaven right there.

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