Friday, July 10, 2009

Kate Gosselin new reality show

Kate Gosselin secretly flew out to Hollywood the other night in hopes of landing a brand new TV deal. Her attention whore ass is getting nervous because Jon and Kate Plus 8 is in some serious jeopardy, considering that little divorce problem going on right now. On top of that, her book deal Love is in the Mix: Meals into Memories has been put on hold because of everything, too. She was seen lounging with a couple broads by the pool, then went into meetings at the Warner Brothers lot and flew back the next day.

Meanwhile, Jon was hanging out with his 22-year-old friend Hailey Glassman, who just happens to be the daughter of the fella that did Kate's tummy tuck. How f*cking awesome is that?

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grasshopper said...

sounds like Jon is trying to relive his youth -- he should get over himself