Thursday, July 9, 2009

Steve McNair murder-suicide

Steve McNair and his girlfriend Sahel Kazemi's deaths have officially been ruled a murder-suicide. Police have ruled that there was some mega trouble in Steve and Sahel's relationship, with Sahel thinking Steve (who was actually married to his wife Mechelle but having an affair with Sahel) was having a second affair. Other stresses in her life caught up with her, and days before she went crazy with a gun, she told her friends she should just end her life. Sahel shot Steve while he was sleeping on the couch, twice in the head and twice in the chest, before she turned the gun on herself. In a really f*cking crazy note, the cops also determined that Sahel tried to position Steve so that she'd land on his lap after she shot herself, but she ended up sliding on the floor and fell by his feet. Steve's spirit said, "Nuh uh, bitch!"

Check out the 911 call that Steve's friend Robert Gaddy made below.

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grasshopper said...

that 911 tape is stressful to listen to, it took such a long time for the dispatcher to get that info on his location