Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shauna Sand incest

Lorenzo Lamas and Shauna Sand married each other back in the day in 1996 and were divorced 6 years later in 2002. Lorenzo ended up leaving Shauna after he found out that she was spreading her legs for someone else -- sounds pretty normal, right? Broad cheats, guy leaves her...makes sense. Here's where you wanna grab a bucket to puke into -- Shauna was banging Lorenzo's 18-year-old son AJ! This came after Lorenzo was happy to see his son and wife getting along together, and actually thought AJ saw Shauna as a mother figure -- little did he knows that his son was throwing it in his wife the entire time! One of Lorenzo's friends called it the "ultimate betrayal" from Shauna.

Dude, ultimate betrayal from Shauna? What about his f*cking son?! His son was banging his step-mother...his father's wife! How is THAT not betrayal? Lorenzo is taping a reality show about his family right now and he apparently addresses the whole situation on the show, so I can't wait to see how the hell this one turns out and how Lorenzo and AJ act around each other.

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