Friday, July 10, 2009

Sania Mirza stalkers

Two men were arrested in the Hyperabad, India yesterday for stalking pro tennis star Sania Mirza. In a really, really awkward story, a fella named Ajay Singh Yadav barged into Sania's house to profess his love for her and ask her to marry him -- just a day before Sania is expected to become engaged to Sohram Mirza. On top of that, Sania also had to deal with this other creep, Mohammed Ashraf, breaking into her house and threatening to commit suicide if her engagement to Sohram went through.

I don't know what's more f*cked up -- the fact that everyone in India knows where Sania lives, the fact that people keep breaking into her house to try and break up her engagement, or the fact that she's getting engaged to someone that already has the same last name as her.

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