Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paula Abdul American Idol offer

The suit-and-ties over at American Idol have offered Paula Abdul a contract where she'll stay on board as a judge of the show's entire life. She hasn't signed the contract yet and is in the final stages of negotiations, but it's pretty much guaranteed that she'll renew her contract, which expired at the end of last season.

[We're a] dysfunctional family of sorts. I'm the nurturing mom, Simon's the disapproving dad, and Randy's the cool brother. It's been an interesting journey. It's something that I'll always would want to be a part of.

Notice how she shafted Kara DioGuardi in the whole dysfunctional family assignments? Whammy. I bet she's still pissed that Kara looked so smokin' hot in her bikini at the Finale.

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