Friday, July 10, 2009

Michael Jackson drugs

I refuse to trash Michael Jackson on this blog, so I'm not gonna call him a druggie or whatever and make him sound like a bag of flaming rotten douche like other blogs do, so I'll just straight up give you the facts. During a 2003 raid of Neverland Ranch, authorities found a sh*t ton of pills in the house that ranged from painkillers to sedatives and other meds. They were all prescribed under different names, and that's believed to be because MJ had his peeps all get prescriptions under their names. The following meds and paraphenalia were found in MJ's home when it was raided:

-- A vial of Versed -- a powerful sedative
-- Several IV bags containing "a milky white fluid, located in a small cardboard box on top of the bathtub." Propofol and other anesthesias are milky white. As we first reported, Propofol was in Jackson's home the day he died.
-- A vial of Promethazine -- an antihistamine with strong sedative effects
-- A bottle of Alprazolam (generic for Xanax, a powerful anti-anxiety drug)
-- A bottle of Percocet -- a painkiller
-- A syringe
-- A vial with Demerol in it
-- Numerous loose pills outside bottles
-- A bottle of Prednisone -- a steroid
-- Ery-tab -- an antibiotic
-- Prescriptions for Xanax that had been filled
-- A prescription for Alprazolam
-- Oxygen tanks
-- IV stands

Someone f*cked up big time here, and it sounds like this was a long time coming (I don't mean he should've died a while ago, but...he obviously showed the signs of needing help over 5 years ago.)

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