Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DJ AM suicide

There's rumors floating around (and some investigators actually believe the rumors) that DJ AM didn't die accidentally, but instead it was suicide. Of course, no one wants to believe someone that successful with a lot of things going for them would kill themselves, but there's some evidence that makes it lean more toward suicide than accidental death. According to law enforcement sources, AM was found with 8 undigested pills of OxyContin in his stomach and a 9th in his mouth. It's believed that he was starting to lose consciousness and never ended up getting to swallow the 9th pill.

Hopefully this is all just happenstance (I f*cking love that word) and untrue rumors, but I dunno...I have a feeling it's possibly true. They also found an old Valentine's Day card from his ex-girlfriend Haley Wood on his laptops on the coffee table. Sad news if it's true...

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