Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Charles Gibson retiring

After almost 35 years as a news anchor for ABC, Charles Gibson is retiring. He's going to continue hosting World News through the end of the year, then Diane Sawyer will take over the reigns. (Side note: Diane will become the second female network anchor, joining Katie Couric.) In an email to his co-workers, Charles had this to say:

It has not been an easy decision to make. This has been my professional home for almost 35 years. And I love this news department, and all who work in it, to the depths of my soul.

Makes you wonder what's going to happen to Good Morning America since Diane is going to be switching shows to World News -- will she do both, or drop GMA? P.S. is it me, or is Diane the hottest 63-year-old chick ever?


steven boss said...

i like sawyer

Amy said...

Charlie will be missed but I think Diane will be a great replacement.