Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blink-182 postpones tour dates

After the sudden death of DJ AM (Adam Goldstein), Blink-182 has decided to cancel their next few tour dates so that drummer Travis Barker has time to grieve and get his mind straight before they head back out. They left an official statement about it on their website.

After much thought and consideration, Blink-182 has rescheduled their next two shows in order for Travis Barker to mourn the loss of his dear friend Adam Goldstein.

You gotta feel bad for this guy -- a year ago he barely survives a plane crash with the guy, and then he randomly finds out one of his best friends is found dead? Celebrity Dirt has your back, Travis!


Joy Reed said...

I think that the fans should support him in his time of mourning.

Jadd said...

TOTALLY agree Joy...I'm sure they are.