Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Britney Spears gaining weight

Britney Spears is on a break from her World Tour right now, and her body is paying the price. In just one month, Britney has put on 14 lbs, and everyone in her camp is on her ass to take the weight off again before she starts the second leg of the tour. She walked into a meeting recently with a latte in her hand and everyone went ballistic on her, because she's supposed to be sticking to a strict diet of fish, chicken, and veggies. But Brit is like a 5-year-old and hates fruits and veggies, so she sneaks candy and shizz all the time. Even her personal trainer calls her out on cheating on her diet, and her only defense is saying, "Mind your own business."

This broad has to get her head on right -- she gets paid millions to do nothing but sell albums and lip sync on stage. Your ass doesn't even sing live, and you can't even manage to keep pounds off? Although part of me feels bad for her because she feels like everyone is picking on her...but really, you lost all that weight and you're just gonna roll over and put it all back on?

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